Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Pitch, putting Horoscorpio into market based perspective

Social media innovations of recent years, have enabled an omnipresent platform, a shared space in the virtual sub-world. When 60% of mobile phone users born after 1985 use their devices mainly for social media, the amalgamation of these platforms, they’re use, design and implementations within the market are crucial factors for the global economy. A market of channelled solutions with tailored advertising has been the greatest achievement so far, and replacing general advertising, even strategic advertising. Chanel advertising allows market behaviour refinement of unprecedented accuracy. Still however the efficiency of this scheme is little better than skimming a peddle across the surface of the lake. Eventually, no matter how well you angle your campaign, eventually it will sink into the depths by the weight of time. As Facebook reach over 10% of the world’s population, channeled advertising is widely available, but how and why should it be effective, when the use of social media has never been properly defined? Where social groups converge on topics of interest, by authorisations based on real-world interactions, or by assumed random association, you might as well be launching your peddle into an assemble of fishing boats, because the way information travels online in social media, is as clustered as busy traffic. 
Efficiency in the sub-world of online platforms hasn’t yet emerged. There hasn’t been and until now, that is with the development of Horoscorpio, any second generation social media platform, capable of managing traffic within social circumstances. The rules of engagements have substituted us this far, but who hasn’t broken them, really, do you expect all facebook friends have really met each other in the real world? If so, then I’ve got some modernised medieval literature you may prefer, King James the I’s lesson on witchcraft will certainly provide your boon, on the term ‘meeting’. Back on topic the longevity of this social media infrastructure such as Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and others, is limited, and an augmented technology might as well replace the whole lot in another twenty years, because the rules of engagement are archaic. This of course is a common problem, and you see in most cities of the world, the new way, and the old, evident in architecture, entertainment, food, you name it. The sub-world of online social media is necessarily the new, but here we all are relatively, members of the old order, trying to figure out what to do with it. Let me tell you right now, the oldest social scheme still common today, is astrology. Whether Chinese or Babylonian, the zodiac has proven an effective tool for navigation, social cohesion and education, not to mention the fun involved (gamification). The measure of time-space by the position of planets is the considerable underscore in astrology, and what astrologers use to make predictions mostly. The archaic form of star signs doesn’t actually play a big role, though it’s the kindest measure and has been popularised the most for novelties sake. The efficient scaling involved in measuring motion of the solar system, and the assembly of relative order in our lives, is more progressively termed planetology, which is so sophisticated no adequate social schemes to date emerged. However computing and the internet changed this fact. A social standard beyond the imagination of the the ancients is available in Horoscorpio, a designer utility of first person, real-time planetological references for social applications, in groups, and the pan-ultimate matrix. The sub-world of online platforms has become not a universe, but a versistasis. So I coined the neologism after a lot of theory and development of metaphysics, recorded into my book series, the Alchemy Series, where concepts such as versaflux, or versistasis regard the actual differences in reality, previous scrubbed over as a universe. As the author Jason Jowett, founder of Horoscorpio and designer of this dynamic tool, I implore you, it's time you reassess the prerogatives for online usage, with parameters based on human wellbeing, not exposure to advertising. The existing Aspect Mediations on offer can be greatly developed, and there's a host of original applications similarly deploying planetology. I only need the capital to continue prototype development. Though I haven't succeeded thus far in bringing awareness to the religious community, particularly those who have worshipped the son of God for two thousand years. For me, the topological framework of scale is the living Christ, a holographic ultimate state, one we can touch, and know, as it’s familiar as the colours of the rainbow, and common shapes.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Approaching the chemical constitutions of mind at the normative divide (of timespace)

A problems inherent with establishing a normative policy agenda for a compound at the extreme state of mental awareness. When citizens are either regular people maintaining the standards of society, or otherwise ill and under therapy, the application of systematic advance or retreat from the normative divides are herein discussed.

The endocannabinoid system feasibly regulates an ultra-state with the induction of psychotropics. Operatively achieved via a THC induced maxim state; whereby the barrier of mental coherence permeates increased phenomenological experiences. As well as inducting a maxim experience of mind the endocannabinoid system pertains to a minimum state of mind, which is regularly what we would comparatively consider as being ‘off’, but rather temporarily as per a relative maxim, in opposition or reverse. Analogously to the ignition of an engine, which both starts up and ends the systematic normative state of operation, within one’s mind the same system which regulates interactivity within ‘reality’ is considered in mechanistic materialism. That effectively determining causal relationships is the natural and normative state; the engine of ones mind in the body must be approached with certainty over the maxim and minimum marginal integrity. As the mind enables our experience of reality, the margins of extremity pertain to a participatory advance or retreat thus, and these relative margins as termed tropical conditional variance are diversely centred norms against the medium normative state. The three states being, peaked, subdued and regular, are moderated within a determined causal consistency by which monitoring and control engenders mutual understanding, trust or suspicion. 
At present the regulatory and legal framework for Cannabis brings this essential structural deterministic philosophy to light, as the fundamental approach to medicine, and foundations of society. The question being, why are individuals permitted, or not, to alter their state of mind, to pertain to a normative maxim induced by the consumption of cannabis. The answer to this question logically concerns alternatives to the endocannabinoid system too for which associative conjunctions are standard. The induction of alternative and generally more physically based altered states via the commonly termed illicit substances are isolated for their abusive capacity whereby addicts retain little common sense functions, diminutive interactivity within a normative appreciation, and often debilitated influences within a local or centre-based understanding of society. Relations of addictive substances such as amphetamines, cannot generally be prescribed to the same normative values as endocannabinoids, however closely associated and marginalised within the law. For consistency of our inquiry we can determine that the regular approach to enabling or disabling the variations of the normative divides across tropical means, is accepted as a soft or hard drug classification, whereby the normative divide is relatively extenuated, until the maxim of heroine, which will induce death upon adventation.

The logical and naturally digressive course hereby is to follow upon the inquiry of stipulating the normative divide in which regular society pertains to function. In understanding and approach to the maxim and minimum integrity with a healthy mindset, we exercise just and due prerogatives of a responsible and organised community, assuaging betterment for individuals, and the communities. The first problem we encounter in this standard is the relation of one’s mind to their body, and the standard appreciation one maintains for a mind-body. In society you’ll encounter for example, often labels like fat, ugly, beautiful, naive, cruel, or lover. Philosophically one cannot have a description without someone to appreciate it, and likewise one description can’t exist without the opposite. Love for example exists because of hate, beautiful is discerned against something ugly, and so on and so forth. This duality is at issue in the consumer based society where individuals pertain to a standard of provisioning or consumption, and are judged according to the merits of sustainability, against a relative value of existence. The judgement of being someone here and now carries such merits, and has insinuations, liability, and progressive outcomes. Interaction and participation with each other and in the ideal ‘society’ expressly differs for each individual relative to the outstanding associative value they pertain to at any given time, which we all have a relative appreciation of as unique, and hence the conceptual individuality exists within community. According a relative integrity to individuals at margin values means the subjective distinctions are limited, and cross-communal conflicts interred whereby setting and establishing limitations occurs at the differences of value-maximisation, hence profitability within the consumer based society. To pertain to a normative value is so vitally flawed, and the more complex or multi-cultural a society is, the most extremity is pertained too in order to achieve the mere normative standards each of the generations are expected to meet and further sustain. The concentrated normative evaluations are the fundamental process hence, such as Horoscorpio optionalizes within the standardised measure and scale of time space.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Humanitarian Pitch

The Refugee crises around the world are only worsened year after year as modern states develop ever sophisticated technologies. With failed states unable to keep economic standards with the western world, both are at a loss. When the people of conflict zones flee to ‘safe states’ but find themselves among foreign people and where there’s little empathy often, the cultural divides exemplified. The problem is in multiculturalism and it has always been a result of language differentiation, ethical or religious standards, and physical preferences. Yet despite the challenges faced normally with immigration and heightened with refugee crises, modern technologies show a way that this historical struggle doesn’t have to be. Relating to each other on a human level is all the more easier with technologies, and a universal communication infrastructure in the internet means a neutral and substantial equities available. Applying the fuller capacities of software, computing and mobile technologies, means that in reawakening the human potential available in communication, the means to help 10 million people by 2022, to restore their rights and dignity, is a realistic standard for us all.

To break it down somewhat more, the scope and means of society is expanding greatly. Analytical frameworks are ever complex, recording and interpretation of transitions, events, images and structure is invigorated like never before. The shift into digital realities has also brought the measure and scope of this— our reality — into a new framing, and the perfection of our capacities to live harmonious lives is a justified outcome of alternative realities. Horoscorpio has seen to harness this exact opportunity, in accorded measure to the solar system as the science of planetology. Measuring the alignments within the great geometric associations, the aspects are scaled with colour and standardised for first-person experience. Little different to existing metric systems the planetary aspects is the grandest and it takes significant scope and capacity to accurately coordinate to their movements. Outside the common perception, the movement of planets is intrinsic to our emotional well-being, and we can find sympathies and understanding in the common situations shared by such undertaking, but on the sublime level according to mostly meta-cognitive conditions such as the weather, or opinions of alternative and perhaps neighbouring societies.

Back-tracking here; in the thousands of years of technological growth and progress, never has a means to turn imagination into a real-world experience been so convincing, and where dreams come true for children around the world, behind the scenes are teams of architects, designers, producers, and programmers, inch-by-inch assuring the courses, the trends, and foundations of good and valued experience, is enriching. As we contribute and compose the great things, arts, and sciences, often there are things we all make together in society bit by bit even without conscious thought, which are little noticed. Often, there are things still needing attention, still remaining needed, and yet to be done. Filling in this gap has always been a way to achieve success, in the simple observation of needs, and fulfilling the potential, thereby earning a living. This is where the immigrant or refugee will start to make their difference. 
As more and more of us build upon each others work and successes generation upon generation, the less gaps logically remain for outsiders. Those requiring maybe ten times the amount of work and attention to ensure an equity in standards, aren’t worth it, not those 10 million people who see all the great things in ‘our society’ transpiring, and wonder what number, which year, or day can capture the peak, and the downtrends, telling me when to work together with these people? When should I just stop and just appreciate things and when do I need to try my hardest to succeed? 

Such questions are typical to any society, and learning the systems is a part of good and healthy living. Nobody can be expected to be part of a society that doesn’t let them in. So what is it about our society that restricts and harbours entry? Normally when the calendar deems today is the day and the clock informs us this is the time. It can never be worth everyone’s time to make things in society equitable, in a system of measure and scale which is based on the alphabet, numbers, words and languages, of which all firm and deliberate historical significance and meaning is beyond our means and capacity to communicate. More so, these systems are just the tool for normalised aspects of communication and behaviour, of which such deep and concerning trends and significances are inferred in every moment, there is no way possible any means of communicating the complexity to a degree of usefulness in mass organisation. The emotions one feels, the meaning they interpret and the things they know are unique and no system or measure is authoritative enough to be the universal truth, which ensures equality. Still we try and aim to achieve this outcome, because as individuals we succeed better to work together and to do so we need to measure and accord to each other, relating to circumstances and generating united progress thereby, counter to individual progressive standards.

In such a confounding association of individuals in society the most accurate and feasible system to know ourselves, each other and the world maybe in scope and measure to the fundamental mechanical structures of reality, but ensuring this is no more complex en mass requires diligent work and is something thousands of generations have worked at in astrology. Today the new sciences of quantum mechanics is showing that meaning from the sub-atomic vibrational standards imperative, and in measure to the concentric motions of planets and the ebb and flow of galaxies and a cosmos, the theory of everything still alludes us, in how reality actually works, why it is so, and what’s to be done about it all. The JPL have a head-start with the measure and scale of real-time motions of the planets, moons etc, and this meta-constructive approach is the best way to fundamentally unite progressive standards, to a neutral and substantive interface such as Horoscorpio’s Matrix. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pitch deck on offer and Historical recounting

The newest pitch deck highlights the three typical approaches to revenue for Horoscorpio. Also there is detail regarding the distinction to traditional gypsy-style astrology. This can be elaborated:

Without access to the quantifiable data, fortune hunters have typically made short cuts, and abbreviations in all the right places. Ensuring that the holisitc approach serves to deliver a therapeutic benefit, the provisions have historically proven contentious and considered in kind pseudo-science by the disciplined mind. Articulating the distinction in planetology and the specific orientation towards planetary aspects, and how people are associated to the motions of the planets, is Horoscorpio's unique offering. By having inherently identifiable qualitative differences, accorded to the positions the unique service is distinct to astrology which places significance upon a date of birth for interpretative authority. In fact its a universalist creed, and has served to provide collective associative understanding to the 12 archetypes popularly astrology. Whilst Horoscorpio does attribute these 12 signs in references, there is no universalist principle, that forged in unitary basis without literal meaning, or reason for purpose. Horoscorpio doesn't recount the "sign" tradition whatsoever.

This as said however is the later historical fact, whilst originally in China, and Babylon where the modern animist systematic schemes were created, astrology had more definitive authority. The archetypes were authorised by power systems far rarer these days. Beset in congruent associative value, attributable to the master-slave dichotomy largely, the orientation was more universally assumable because of the sharp distinction in career and wealth. More modern revivals such as Italian, attributable to the late Roman period and early Christian evolution, saw the intensive spiritualistic values independent of physical/material issues. This is far closer to the western and hindu astrologies of today, or many other cultural varieties traditioning the celestial equations.

https://www.icloud.com/keynote/000jA1jfUf-0-2tb5f0rJK2WQ#Horoscorpio_Pitch_Deck_2016 …

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Investor and Early Stage Supporter Incentives (Founder Draw)

Horoscorpio is a one of kind. The Corporate proposal and it's products is a class of its own. There is nothing in the market similar presently. The Products completely original. Not only that but the product supports existing tek companies particular to social media. It's a Boom for the mobile telephone corporations with the mobile app precendents. The socialist community world wide will gain appeasement to the UN standards in human rights accorded to the Covenant on Social Rights. The process, growth and transition of the product to maturity can be reasonably said to foster creativity solutions for securing globalisation ratifying neoliberal process in state currency exchange and the world market. Achieving the unilateral precedents of multi-culturalism finally, world citizenry can consolidate with indigenous rights under plausible time reference ordered placed order, allowing alleviation of mass suffering through generalised disorder propigation particularly relevantly in marketing and advertising oriented commercial exploitation of the human condition, but typically prejudice set around the lack of distinctive conditional variety of order class systems, the operative focus of Horoscorpio.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Innovation jurisdictions and campaign to finalize 2015

Following up on the Federal consolidation in new enterprise, this letter to the editors was sent around the nation today:
The PM is letting our nation down with permission to unregulated neoliberal social media which breaks the UN covenant on social rights. Corporations amid tax dodging retain meta-data which can aid communities intrinsically. It’s not mandated! Under the UN human rights protocol which Australia ratified but the US refused, the covenants clear and determined, and my business plan remedied this and product concept prooves this. As if it's too hard, and expensive effectively to setup the corporation in Australia, the fence is down and the dingos are being bet on over cattle picking. @Horoscorpio and @jasonjowett have shown that a comparative standard in common use and ease of access is achievable, nay provisions for slaughter. Still though emails & tweets to the industry protectors such as HRW go unheard or shunned, and the scientific consolidation in planetology de-relegated.
Along with the latests tweet and facebook campaign previewing the 360 Group Application, and it's qualification with global social rights:

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Catching Wind of the Federal Innovation Statement

Original innovation stems from innovative individuals, whereby innovation is the meta-ideology expressed as a solution normally to the burgeoning conditions of existence or else an ideal for betterment alone. Having deduced the means to both create a better potential for everyone and in process ascend from their perhaps more squarlerly conditions to a wealthy standard (or else avoid descent into poorliness), the innovator has several realistic possibilities; 1) convince someone to support them and realise the innovations potential, 2) commit to regulated conditions to ensure fulfillment of the innovation under generic construction 3) radically divest with commercially volatile precedents, otherwise unknown to realize positive potential. The set of conditions alters depending on the circumstances, and for the wealthy individual to ensure they don’t become poor, is distinct to the poorer individuals attainment of wealth.
The government has the options to ensure that innovators can and will set true innovation on course for fulfillment, rewarding the actual innovator themselves, delivering adequate justice too in the socio-economic reality regardless of present conditions of the person. Also however to regulate the fringe actualities of other innovative contrivances directly destabilizing current corporate provisioning within the market, the governments responsible for countering that individuals efforts, for delivering nothing of loss but only more benefit to the marketplace. This actuality confers on the nature of science and patents as legally construed, since accreditation for original innovation isn’t authoritatively attributed in any public scheme, the private methods of deliverance garners dangerous climates of fear and devising over corporate security within criminal codes. Here the state of nature is perturbed between exploiting people, and delivering goods effectively. A proper public record and accreditation system rooted to the most fundamental standards in welfare, can adequately ensure those with power to exploit individuals for capital means and financial security are known publicly through the media, as so designed for freedom of speech, and in their greed, ensuring their course to poverty, counter to their plain ambitions. Of course the dystopian scenario, where innovations kept a secret, due to fear of losing competitive advantage, means a pressure on innovators, and hitting the market, ensures fracturing of the economy, borders collapse, and effects GFC’s, which leads to this market based behavior firstly.

Interjecting in the modern state, the executive of the modern state must justify how they can gain wealth, why the market requires their innovative solutions, and show they can deliver this; the startup models have proven recently even the most committed individuals can prosper, from the most plainly demanded products, by disruption and innovation. This means of securing existing wealth in the state of nature is counter to the very same means at attaining first wealth. The difference in exploitation to production, to being truly innovative, and to copying other innovators, and applying animistic determination. Governments should rule by mandate between this regard, of commercializing production as merited, and not by ambition, and in Australia it’s at the Centrelink office, the job network providers, and the NEIS scheme representative who must realize a good idea when they hear one, even right out of the blue. This of course is impossible to judge as belonging in the public or private eye, and the reason why person (a) remains poor, person (b) fails to supply, and person (c) flukes it in the end on wind of (a) and (b)’s total loss.